I play a wide repertoire, from Bach to contemporary music, expressing each composer with a distinctly different style, touch and color.  Among all the great works, I feel Johann Sebastian Bach’s music is the most profound, and through BACH & WU VITAL ARTS I hope to present more of Bach’s music and thereby promote health, harmony and happiness for all humanity.  

I know from my own experiences that music has profound healing properties. I play with a fully dimensional sound that contains a unique energy (see below) that penetrates to your core and can heal your organs. In fact, I have saved several lives within 4 minutes of playing either in-person or over the phone. Recently I had Covid-19 Delta twice, a serious condition. But the experience demonstrated that the healing power of my music can beat Covid too! Read more in My Life Story. As we are all currently suffering under Covid-19, I invite you to listen to my music to reduce your pain  . . . .


Artistic Director, Concert Pianist
Awarded a green card by the U.S. government as an Artist of Extraordinary Ability (top level)


Everyone has energy—it’s just a question of to what degree. That is determined by genetics, character, and the level a person achieved in past lives. I know that we have past lives, and I know that God exists.

In fact, I’ve had several visits from spirits, including the Buddha, a God and Goddess, angels, Arthur Rubinstein, and former China leader Deng Xiaoping. All of them visited me because they heard my music (they “heard” it by receiving its energy) and tracked the energy to me. When Deng appeared, he was with four servants who told me that Deng had searched for me because he needed my help. I said they must have the wrong person, but they insisted they were 100% sure because they said they know who I am, including that in one of my past lives I was Sun Yat-Sen, the father of modern China.

It is the unique energy of my music that enables me to create the sounds of different instruments on the piano. It is why listeners say they are transported to a different time and place and why they see different scenes in their minds. It is also the reason my music has the power to heal and save lives. My music is most therapeutic when heard live, but of course not everyone is lucky enough to hear my live performance. So if you are suffering from Covid-19 or any other sickness, listening to my music on my website is better than nothing.

There are no new recordings on my site becuase no recording technology can capture my complete sound and energy, and currently I do not have the extra budget to do an extra project to help people. Even if I am a real savior, I still need people to work with. I am hoping that the genius Elon Musk will soon be able to create an advanced facility that will capture my music’s complete sound and energy. That facility will truly benefit all humanity.

I am focused on and loyal to my mission to do my work, not to compete with anyone.  I have endured years of working without any pay. There is no point for anyone to be jealous of me, harass me, or attack me. Every week I get hundreds of garbage emails submitted through the contact form, including messages saying my computer has been hacked and threatening to damage my computer, my website, and emails unless I pay money. If you have anything important you need to communicate to me, please feel free to use the contact form. But if you are abusing it, please stop or be prepared to be punished by God. 

—April 23, 2022


* Background music features unedited performances recorded in 2001 (Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach)