(In Memoriam My Father)


The CD repertoire includes:

Bach:  Siciliano BWV 1031, WTC Book 2 No. 8, Toccata, Concerto BWV 1058

Handel: Largo (“Ombra Mai Fu”) from Xerxes
                Passacaglia, transcribed from organ score
                Sarabande, transcribed from organ score

Albinoni: Adagio in G minor,  transcribed from organ score

Pachelbel:  Canon (unique edition)

Mozart:  Sonata KV 310

Schubert/Liszt:  Staendchen/Serenade

Chopin:  3 Preludes Op. 28 Nos. 4, 6, 20, Nocturne Op. 48 No. 1

Tchaikovsky:  Barcarolle

Rachmaninoff:  Etude-Tableau

Chinese piece

Aaron Copland:  In Evening Air

Bonus Track – Nino Rota (arr. Noan-Huey Wu):  A Time for Us (Romeo & Juliet)

                              My father, 1936-2009

My father was a high-level bank executive in his professional life, and also had his own businesses. In addition, he led a rich life outside the office.  For almost three decades, he got up early every morning to teach Chi-Gong and Tai-Chi for free, and he was invited to give speeches about Chi-Gong in many cities throughout Taiwan. I am grateful that he also took the time to teach me Tai-Chi and Tai-Chi sword. My father was also a talented athlete who enjoyed swimming, ping-pong and tennis, a sport in which he was a champion trophy winner. He had also studied violin and taught himself to play the harmonica. On family picnics at the seaside, he always played double harmonica (two at once), and many people would gather around to hear his impromptu, touching performances on the beach.